Using hydrogen peroxide to cure toenail fungus

Tell your experiences with using vinegar to cure your toenail fungus.

Using hydrogen peroxide to cure toenail fungus

Postby ngvrocke » Mon Jun 05, 2006 2:24 am

Please visit the website setup by Dr.Vincent Ng

It contains very useful information on how he discovered the use of hydrogen peroxide to treat toenail fugus. It really works !!

Here's the scoop:
A simple treatment for toenail fungus:

Dip your toe in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (the regular over the counter antiseptic hydrogen peroxide) for 20 min a day. Repeat the procedure for 2-3 days. You should see the fungus underneath your nail becoming white. This shows that the fungus has been bleached and killed.

Current recommended treatment for toenail fungus is to take treatment like Lamisil for 3-6 months. The treatment do not kill the fungus therefore what is, but only makes your toenail toxic so that the fungus can no longer feed on it. The fungus has to be pushed out slowly by the toenail. This is why it takes so long and there could be many undesirable side effects. Side effects include gastrointestinal problems, skin irritation and abnormal liver enzymes (as mentioned on Lamisil's website - - toes look terrible, what should I do... people who are ashamed of their feet can always wear sandals, are not oposed to getting a better...).
It is a very slow and costly treatment and can potential be bad for your health.

How did I come up with this simple treatment ?

Your body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide to fight microbial infections. During my Ph.D. thesis work at The Rockefeller University, I was working with a strain of genetically modified mice that were deficient in hydrogen peroxide production (gp91phox-/- mice from Jackson Laboratory**). These mice were very susceptible to fungal infections and we had to keep them on antifungal treatment. I happened to contract toenail fungus when I was working with these mice and it suddenly dawned on me that if hydrogen peroxide was so important in fighting fungal infections in these mice, it would probably be effective against my toenail fungus. I decided to do a little experiment myself and I put my infected big toe into regular 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 20 min. Afterwards, I immediately noticed that the fungus underneath my nail has turned white. I knew this meant that the fungus had been bleached and killed. I repeated the same procedure the next day to make sure that the fungus was killed completely. Ever since then, the yellow discoloration of my toes has never come back ! I subsequently passed this information to a number of friends and they have all noted this very dramatic declorization of the yellow fungus underneath their nails. In one instance, I told a Vietnam vetaran fellow who had been infected with toenail fungus for 42 years, which he obtained when he was in a trench with a bunch of soldiers in Vietnam. All 10 of his toes were severely discolored and heavily infected with toenail fungus. He had tried various pills and topical treatment but all without success. I told him to soak his toes with hydrogen peroxide for 20 min a day for 1 week. After about 3 days, all the yellow color of his toes turned white and the fungus was killed. The fungus has never come back !! The result was so good that his podiatrist could not believe what he had done.

Try this simple method if you have toenail fungus !

If you have toenail fungus. Forget about asking your doctor about Lamisil or other pills for treatment. Simply put your infected toes into some standard 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 20 min and repeat this procedure for 2-3 days. You can use a small Dixie cup, the cap from your shaving cream bottle, old mouthwash bottle, etc. You can do this together with your bathroom reading when you are sitting on the toilet. You should see very rapid results. Hydrogen peroxide has been used as a topical antiseptic for years and there has never been any reports of major harmful side effects of its use as a topical solution. Nevertheless, I would advise you to be careful and not to dip your skin in hydrogen peroxide for too long to avoid skin irritation.

shy people who are ashamed of their feet can always wear sandals, although.fighttoenailfungus.we are not oposed to getting a better...
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